America V/s India

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The Movie Story Deals With Chandu a very selfish, self made and cut throat businessman in New York who runs a successful Event Organizing Agency and is aided by his uncle Sundar, friends Bharath and Maya. Chandu never believes in relationships and family bonding citing them as a mess to discard. He is always involved in romantic activities with many girls sans commitment. Maya loves Chandu but as fate would have it, She marries Kamaraju, an aged yet wealthy doctor to rob his wealth. On the advice of Chandu, she applies for divorce and gets the money from him. However she realizes that Chandu dumped her and makes a plan to teach him a lesson. She manipulates the terms and conditions of agreement entered between Chandu and another big businessman PR regarding organizing a charity show. According to the fraudulent terms since the show was unsuccessful, PR gets every right to recover the whole consignment amount from PR. Chandu lands in financial soup and is desperately in need of Money. Thus he finally decides to visit his grandparents in India who are hoping to meet him since years. Chandu recollects his past in the due course. Chandu’s father Sanjay opposed his father Ramachandra Prasad and marries an NRI of his choice only to be expelled from the house. After Chandu was born, Sanjay dies. Ramachandra Prasad visits his daughter-in-law and invites her to come to India. After seeing his Maternal Grandfather insisting his mother to re-marry and his mother replying that she can’t do it as she can’t forget Sanjay. She tells to Chandu to not indulge in any relationships in order to avoid the pain and struggle in them. At the airport, he sees Sandhya, a humble doctor who works as a volunteer in Make A Wish Foundation to fulfill the last wishes of the children who are going to die soon. Being a clever scheme maker and soft talker, Chandu becomes friend with Sandhya who is his co-passenger to India. He later goes to his Grandfather’s home and studies the situations there. That family consists of His Grand parents, their two daughters, their Husbands who are employees in the company Ramakrishna Prasad runs and their kids. Both the nephews of Ramakrishna Prasad are incapable persons. To avoid some unexpected situations, Chandu lies that he is married. He plans to get 250 million from his father’s trust and is successful. But to transfer such amount proofs should be enclosed that Chandu is married as Ramakrishna Prasad wishes to make Chandu’s wife as one of the trustees of the trust.

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