Apradh The Killer

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

The movie story deals with Anasuya, who is an orphan, gets a position as a journalist in a local television-based news channel. She gets to stay with Joseph in the city, while working as a journalist. At the insistence of the news producer, she is set into investigating and exposing child labor at a local politician’s house. She enters their house as an undercover journalist, on the pretext of conducting an interview for a women’s magazine. Here, she exposes the oppressive work conditions on Lakshmi, a child, an orphan herself, who’s forced into menial work at the politician’s house. Upon exposure, the politician ousts the child from the house to evade arrests and investigations. On seeing this, Anasuya legally adopts this child. She gains popularity in the channel’s office as a dedicated journalist. At around this time, there are a couple of murders in the city, each of which having a significant presence of a red rose on the dead body with an organ missing. While the police attempt to keep the matter silent, Anasuya takes up the task of investigating on these murders. In this process, she meets a police task force officer, Anand who is involved with the investigation. One night, she finds a shady figure lurking in the shadows of her house. When her watchman is alerted, the figure disappears. She hurriedly reaches for Joseph, only to find him murdered in the same fashion as the other murders.

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