Aur Ek Draculla

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

The movie story deals with Roy, on his honeymoon visits the Bran Castle in Romania, and leaving his newly wed wife in the hotel room, manages to venture deep into the fortress, where he invokes the long quenched spirit of the Count. Dracula makes an appearance in the form of a demon, and before Roy can count up to three, surges into his body, murders his wife Lucy who has been leisurely whiling away her time in a bath tub while her husband had gone missing, books a ticket for Kerala and lands in God’s own Country, on the lookout for lovely Mallu belles. He isn’t in for a disappointment, as one pretty lass after the other gets smitten by his magnetic gaze and succumbs to his mysterious charms. Dracula cannot believe his fortune, as he has a gala time drinking gallons of blood from their smooth throats. The biggest surprise ever awaits you when Dracula comes across Meena and finds out that she is the princess for whom he had turned a vampire in the first place.

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