CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga

Published on May 24, 2014 by admin

World’s BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga! The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around the beautiful beach town of Coolangatta, Australia. On the way Didga “shows off” by jumping on, off, up and even over obstacles. One of those obstacles happens to be a large Rottweiler dog. FYI – 18 months of teaching then practicing, 6 months of filming and editing, so please, don’t try this at home. T

Didga est un chat qui a pris l’habitude de faire du skateboard avec son maître dans les rues de Coolangatta (Australie). Encore plus fort, lors de ces ballades, il s’amuse à faire des stunts !

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