Fauladi Jigar

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

The movie story deals with Seevalaperi Pandi, a brave man, is married to Velammal and lives with her, his mother and his elder brother Malayandi. Impressed by Pandi’s strength, the village’s Grams hires him as his bodyguard. The grams is a good man but he spoilt some villagers’ life because of his judgements. Nayanar, Sivankalai, Karuppaiah, Mookaiah and Oochandi who were against the grams’ decisions decide to kill him with Pandi. Pandi and his associates kill Grams and they immediately surrender. While, his associates are acquitted, Pandi is sentenced to the capital punishment. His associates promise him to help his family. Pandi lives in jail happily. Therefore, Pandi is granted in the last minutes and his sentence has been changed to life imprisonment. His brother and his wife reveal that his mother died due to lack of foods. Pandi escapes from the jail the same night. Angry, Pandi decides to take revenge on his former associates who betrayed him.

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