International Khiladi

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

he movie story deals with an orphan boy, Sunil, wanders through Delhi looking for a job. When selling balloons, he sees a girl and gives her a free balloon. A few days later, during a storm, the girl finds the boy getting soaked and gives him an umbrella. The umbrella blows into a place nearby, where the girl’s parents are headed. The boy stops their car and tells them about the dangerous path ahead destroyed by the storm. As the boy has rescued the girl’s parents, he gets adopted by them. They name the boy “Atithi”, which means “guest”. One day, while driving Atithi to a hostel, they are stopped by a teenager, a psychopath, who mugs them, and shoots the parents. In his rage, Atithi lunges after the teen and manages to take the gun. Nearby witnesses see Atithi with a gun, and the girl’s dead parents, and think that Atithi killed them. The police arrest Atithi. The girl also thinks that it was Atithi who killed her parents and starts to hate him and thinks that she will never see him again.

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