Marriage Da Garriage

Published on March 8, 2016 by admin

Their jail mate Bhinda (Rana Jung Bahadur) helps them in getting a start to their business. On the other side, Hero of the film, Raj (Navraj hans) who loves Simran (Keeya khanna) has a dream that his father -in- law gives simran’s hand in his hand by saying the favourite dialogue from DDLJ… ‘Simran jaa jeeley apni zindagi’ ..Raj’s friend Karan (Deepak Raja) gets him to the garage where Chabbi & Panna comes to his rescue, as Raj tells them about the conditions put up by his would be Father in law Baldev Singh (Shakti kapoor) & Sheela Bua (Upasna Singh) in his wedding. Chabbi and Panna work according to the famous saying of this trade “O kaada Vichola jehda naa rkhey Ohla”. The wedding is done finally, but with ohlas who create problems for Raj & Simran and hence the situations get funny. What happens to Raj and Simarn? Do they get happy after getting married? How Chabbi & Paanna get solutions to the conditions put up in Raj’s wedding? To see this, do watch MDG

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