Mera Shapath

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

The movie story deals with Babu, an orphan brought up by his uncle and aunt believes that they swindled his property. Once when his uncle chides him, he leaves home for Hyderabad to stay with his friends, whom he trusts. Kind-hearted as he is, Babu believes that life is to be happy and make others happy. Babu meets Baby accidentally and they become good friends. Whenever she is lonely, Babu along with his three friends, a software engineer, a security guard and an assistant film director cheer her up. Once during her birthday, some goons tease Baby and Babu thrashes them. Later they settle scores with Babu, but his friend, the assistant director, suffers grievous injuries. Upon the doctor’s demand for Rs 5 lakh for surgery, Babu borrows from a moneylender on the condition that he would pay back in a week. However they cannot pay the money and plead for two days’ time. In a bid to avoid risking their lives in the hands of the goon, Babu and his engineer friend go to rob a bank but get trapped in a robbery case which they had not done. They suspect Kiran, the security guard as the culprit. Babu gets jailed along with his friend. However, he befriends the jailer and a notorious criminal. At this juncture, a man enters and ensures their release. They come to know that another criminal Nayeem was behind the robbery and Suspecting links between the criminal in the jail and Nayeem, Babu beseeches his help and he obliges. Babu and his friend along with Nayeem surrender themselves and the money in the court . The film ends on a happy note with the union of all the friends.

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