Om (2015)

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The movie story deals with Arjun has a family. Arjun’s father is Harischandra Prasad aka Hari. Arjun’s mother is Jothi. Hari has a younger brother named Lakshman. Hari’s business rival is Byreddy. 1 of Hari’s friends is Ajay. 1 of Arjun’s friends is Joseph. Bhavani has been sitting in prison for a very long time. Bala & Bhavani’s lawyer come to the prison because Bhavani’s bail was revoked again. Bhavani’s lawyer is still trying to get Bhavani released from prison. Bhavani wants Hari to die. Arjun sees a hot chick named Anjali on the beach. Bala wants Chandu to kill Hari, but Anjali saves Hari’s life. Arjun falls in love with Anjali. Byreddy & his henchmen help Bala to get Bhavani released from prison. Lakshman informs Hari & Ajay that Byreddy joined forces with Bhavani. Hari wants Lakshman to locate Arjun just in case if Bhavani plans to kill Arjun. Arjun comes to train station because Anjali has to get onto a train. Lakshman calls Arjun’s cellphone, but Anjali answers & disconnects the phone call. Before the call got disconnected, Lakshman heard the train engine making noise. While Anjali’s leaving, Lakshman calls Arjun’s phone again. Bhavani shows up. Bhavani tries to kill Arjun, but Arjun manages to dodge the bullet. Lakshman & his bodyguards show up. Lakshman throws a gun to Arjun. Some of Lakshman’s bodyguards gets killed. Most of Bhavani’s henchmen gets killed. Bhavani & his other henchmen escape. Arjun & Lakshman go back to Hari’s office. Jimmy was the father of Hari & Lakshman. Bhavani was like another brother to Hari. Bhavani got arrested for doing illegal business. Bhavani broke out of jail to kill Jimmy. Bhavani got arrested again. Ajay’s daughter is Riya. On Holi Day, Arjun wants to introduce Anjali to his family. Bhavani puts Holi on his face, so he can sneak into Holi Festival. Arjun introduces Anjali to Jothi. Jothi realizes that Arjun & Anjali are lovers. Arjun sees Hari asking Ajay if Riya can marry Arjun. Ajay doesn’t mind if Riya marries Arjun.

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