Punjabian Da King

Published on March 8, 2016 by admin

Veer (Navraj hans) is a dare devil guy who works for Iqbal. Veer does all the illegitimate things for Iqbal. In returns of this Iqbal pays him handsomely. Veer is given an assignment to kill someone in village Kalot Sampla. But the catch is that he has to go there and live in a disguise for some time.
Veer reaches Kalot Sampla. Panchayat elections are going on the village. Sarpanch Kartar Singh Chahal and his rival Balraj Singh Sandhu are at logger heads. Kartar Singh’s daughter Jashan falls for Veer. She tries to get his attention. First veer avoids her but when things are going out of his hands, he reveals his identity to her. Now Veer is in a dilemma. He has to choose between love and loyalty. This leads to a cat mouse finish to this story.

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