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Ajoutée le 15 sept. 2015
The movie story deals with Eshwari,her husband and her son, Eshwari’s brother,his daughter Maya, another older brother’s son Murali and his newly wedded wife Madhavi have gathered to sell their Palace off to Ayyanar, who had leased the property for five years. Meanwhile, Paalsamy sneaks into the Aranmanai under the guise of a cook, finds his grandmother’s photgraph in the palace and he too decides to catch hold of the palace. Incidents which are going normal are turning out spooky. Servants and some men are killed anonymously. Now Ravi, the older brother of Madhavi comes to the palace to meet his sister. Madhavi tells Ravi that there are weird things happening in the house. So he sets cameras up around the house with Maya’s help. The murdered servants are found by the police. A fortune teller comes to the palace at night and suddenly he runs away. Ravi asks and finds from the fortune teller that a woman among the family is possessed by spirits. Things turn out bloodcurdling with twists and turns. Ravi finds that only her sister Madhavi is possessed.It was the spirit of Selvi, a village girl which haunted Madhavi. The reason for haunting Madhavi is revealed in the flashback wherein Murali was the lover of her and she was killed mysteriously.

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