The Chain Hathkadi

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

The Movie Story Deals with a man who is being chased by heavily armed men. He takes out a couple of them with his superior skills, but is shot down from a hanging ladder in the helicopter trying to rescue him. He washes up on the shore of Goa unconscious and is rescued by a girl who brings him to her doctor aunt. When he wakes up, he realizes that he is suffering from amnesia and has a few flashes of sculptures and a karate class, but does not recognize them. Meanwhile, the local rowdy has been harassing the doctor and her niece. The man manages to thwart their next attack easily which makes him believe that he might be trained in martial arts. Since the man has enraged the rowdy, the doctor pleads with him to marry her niece for her own protection. He does so and thwarts another attack from the rowdy during their wedding. Right after, he decides to leave for Madras to find his identity with his new wife in tow. Soon they find out that the earlier flashes he had are of the sculptures in Connemara Hotel and he used to be a regular there. After getting the bank account number he has used previously in the Hotel, he visits the bank and is once again surprised to find out that he was a regular to the bank too and has a locker with a large amount of money, multiple passports of him and a hand gun.

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