The Return of Tevar

Published on March 9, 2016 by admin

Ajoutée le 5 janv. 2016
The movie story deals with Ajay on of ACP who lives a cool, carefree and irresponsible life in Bangalore with a bunch of friends. He spends more time playing Kabbadi than studying and is a champion at the game. During one of the tournaments in Hubli , he bumps into a helpless girl Paddu forcefully dragged by a local goon Veerabhadra to marry him. In Bangalore he gives shelter to Paddu and makes arrangements for her to reach Australia with the help of his friends. Now Ajay becomes her protector and a one-man-army and his mission is her safety. He keeps Paddu in his own house without the knowledge of anyone. The rest of the film is how Ajay becomes successful to put her on the flight, but realises that he has fallen in love with her and in the climax he eliminates Veerabhadra and wins his love.

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